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A child and or infant whom lusts for crack Rock and will do anything to get it. This often results in muggings, sexual favors, or possibly even organized hits on other Crack babies. The crack baby will stop at nothing to get it's fix.
Yo you see that lil' crack baby down the street? Asked me for a bottle of juice and a snickers bar. Trippin.
by FackFaceMcgee September 16, 2012
Kelcey Marr.
Kelcey Marr was a crack baby.
by aslerjgtkhalwkjtralkjf July 26, 2012
Completely fictional creatures invented in the 1980's by the Church of Voodoo Pharmacology. The allegation was that crack cocaine smoked by pregnant women essentially caused fetal alcohol syndrome, when in fact (as many doctors have testified), the often-freakish babies born to crack addicts were the victims of serious malnutrition (as their mothers were often very poor and/or retarded) and of course fetal alcohol syndrome.

For absurd definitions see crack baby.
Interviewer: Tell us about the crack baby plague which is sweeping the nation.
Doctor: Actually, on examining these "crack babies," I find that their mothers were almost always alcholics and chain-smokers who were seriously malnourished during pregnancy. Any fetus would be extremely lucky to end up normal in that situation, with or without cocaine.
Interviewer: No, you're not getting the concept. We want to know about the *plague* of *crack babies*. If you won't cooperate we'll just interview someone else.
(true story, paraphrased)
by jazzriff October 14, 2005
A comment made to someone retarded, because of misfortune of being born to a "crack-head" or "crack-whore".
Yo, Derron u such a crack-baby.
by sk January 06, 2003
A person who was born to a crack addicted mother (most commonly a whore) who is greatly disadvantaged in life and is not a functioning part of society.
crack baby JD aka loser aka piece of shit aka i hate you aka all i can say is shut the fuck before i smack you aka son of a crack whore aka go beg for change with your mama
by tde626 September 25, 2010
1. Int. Expression of dissatisfaction with a situation, see also shit, crap, fuck, god dammit.
2. V. A word used to express ones feelings.

Related to crackhead.
1. Crackbabies! I just locked my keys in the car!
2. Oh crackbabies!
by Bodhisattva April 25, 2004
a comment about person who has just said something extremely stupid or ridiculous, or done something extremely stupid or ridiculous
ok there, crack-baby

by Anonymous July 03, 2002