origin: medsyd: JN2 slang: derived from the crack between the bed (which is morbidly uncomfortable) it means to be shitty or really really bad.
Wow, gibbon's attempt at soulja bouy was CRACK!
by schreibs December 06, 2007
Northern English slang relating to women

1. The Vagina or Genital region on a woman
2. General or collective term for a woman or women
(usually split into fit crack and fat crack)
3. Girlfriend
1. Her crack were as tight as an otter's pocket
2. The crack's stunnin in Macclesfield mate / Ave you checked out that crack over there, fat as fuck.
3. Ave you chucked your crack yet pal, it's been fuckin days you've ad er
by Benrerere November 18, 2007
a word used in ireland used when asking any news or hows it going.also known as another word for fun.spelt craic oftenlly.
well boi whats the crack?
that session was a great crack.
by joshua w July 26, 2007
A silent fart smelled by someone else after the fact.
Did you crack? Dammit, you coulda told me. I think somethin' crawled up inside you and died!
by Jomo Dog February 21, 2011
Skate 2
Ted: Lets go play some skate 2.
Eric: Fucking crackheads.
by ashton keown 69s guys November 13, 2009
a new form of hotness
this new song is crack, son!
by illwill21 September 18, 2008
the combination of two words: crazy & wack
That party was crack man!
by Sociology class January 22, 2008

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