Another word for cool, and or tight
Man that Z-Ro CD was crack - That shirt is crack
by debobpe September 03, 2009
A noun/adjective used frequently in Soccer (non american foot-ball) and in other sports for a great, well over the average player.
This season, Real Madrid, (a spanish soccer team), has hired all the cracks money could buy
by victover August 25, 2009
origin: medsyd: JN2 slang: derived from the crack between the bed (which is morbidly uncomfortable) it means to be shitty or really really bad.
Wow, gibbon's attempt at soulja bouy was CRACK!
by schreibs December 06, 2007
word to describe the how cool or "ill" someone or something is.
yo we seen that movie yesterday and it was "crack"
by toos October 08, 2007
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