To try or have a go at doing something
I might as well have a crack at this twerking thing.
Go on, have a crack at it!
by mcavgirl September 23, 2013
a way to describe something that is so good that it is as addictive as the drug crack-cocaine.
Guy 1: "Ay, these gummy worms are sooo good!"

Guy 2: "Yeah, this that crack!"
by DosTres July 02, 2011
Crack means - - something so likeable ( like a music track)

it addicting like crack

It is used in terms of music..particularily rap music..

Not meant in the form of crack/cocaine..
..we got that crack..
by TheJonra December 14, 2010
1) to hit. usually punch but sometimes smack.
2) to be able to hit with a lot of power
3) to tax in order to punish
1) That cunt better pay what he owes today or he's gonna get cracked.
2) Mike Tyson had no heart but he sure could crack.
3) "I'm gonna crack him good for that comment about your wife. How's 200,000 sound?"
by rico de la roca October 15, 2007
Irish version of 'crack' comes from the irish word 'craic' meaning, i suppose, fun!
1st use:
'how did ya get on last night?'
'oh we went down the was great craic/crack!'

2nd use:
see s'crack?
by xxkrissxx September 07, 2007
its an adjective that says something is awesome, great, the best, fun, addicting because its good.
AYO...we went out to that new club and that sh*t was crack.
by lala b. March 02, 2007
for something to be cool or that you like it
That song was crack.
by elcnac March 03, 2011

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