Boasting, bragging, big talk.
"You got the jack to back your crack, or is it all just a big pile of yap?"
by Nick Sangia March 26, 2003
sex,to let some one hit it and quit it
yehh!! you know that brooke girl gonna let me crack this weekend at my brother dayday's party.
by meee kb :) January 27, 2009
crack is a drug that is hot on the street it is not your but crack(you might be a redneck if someone tells you not to do crack and it reminds you to pull up your pants)
dealer-crack is back on the street
redneck-y is he talkin about my but like that
dealer-people these days
by kel December 30, 2004
whoops; darn; uh-oh; snap
Oh, crack! I spilt kool-aid all over the carpet.
by jk December 28, 2004
Something you shouldn't do. Stay in school kids..
Friend: "hey want some crack?! All the cool kids are doing it"

You: "no thanks that's bad"
by ggal September 15, 2015
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