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Any sort of energy drink that would have similar effects as the drug crack but of no similar intensity. to have energy, be awake, peppy, etc. by means of an energy drink when one is tired or down.

Legal crack.
Student 1: You look tired. You had some 'crack' today?

Studnet 2: No. I stayed up all night studying. I should get some crack, huh?
by Foxracing808 January 24, 2008
the ass crack of a persom
"there is crack being sold at 6 o'clock" - look behind you and you can see the ass crack of some biatch.
by RAS500 December 10, 2006
Marshmallow Peeps are known as crack in the state of Iowa.
marshmallow peeps are better than crack
by Morgan Renee April 14, 2007
Stuff that white people smoke.
I was walking down an alley ad saw a white guy smoking crack as usual.
by WtfIsThat? September 05, 2008
the nickname for the best most amazing friend in the world. they are addicting and when you arent around them you suffer withdrawel symptoms. examples are depression, bitchiness, and stupidity. you can have fun no matter what and they are always there for you no matter what the time. the only problem is that god only gave us one controller for two people.
tiphanie anne is my crack i would die without her. i love you girly.
by krystalmarie March 02, 2007
funny eragatory slur directed at white people

variation of "cracker" or "cracka"

can be used either plural or singular
Damn cracks are stealing immigrant jobs
by thewellhungjohnson August 12, 2010
Boasting, bragging, big talk.
"You got the jack to back your crack, or is it all just a big pile of yap?"
by Nick Sangia March 26, 2003