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the loaning of ones transportation to a drug dealer after intense contract negotiations. Used when one requires more drugs than they had money for. Not for the married or those who don't own the car as it is never returned as there is no deadlines.
Man I've done spent my check. How will I get more crack? Hey Pookie look I ain't got no money, but how about a crack rental for a couple of rocks?
by rockrental allstar February 07, 2006
When a drug user rents a vehicle to another person in exchange for crack or in exchange for money to be used on crack. The drug doesn't necessarily have to be crack and the time can run from a set period to a more or less indefinite one. The most common disputes crop up when it turns out the vehicle is stolen, the rentee never returns the car (under the assumption the renter won't report) or the renter reports that the rentee stole the vehicle despite the agreed rental.
Crackhead: I need some jacks right away.
Dealer: Well, then you gots to pay.
Crackhead: I'm broke, but you can take my car for the weekend.
Dealer: You wanna do a crack rental? Alright, deal. Here ya go **hands over the rock**
Crackhead: Boo-ya! Time to chase the dragon baby!
by jackasher April 28, 2009
A car rented to go buy drugs with. Useful to avoid seizure of one's own property if caught by police. As seen on COPS.
Is this a crack rental, ma'am?
by jake5443 July 19, 2004
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