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A crack addict that scratches and picks for rocks that aren't there. All while cocking their head back and forth, stretching and retracting their neck. All in the fashion of a chicken looking for a tasty bit to eat, they look for another hit after their stash has been all smoked up.
1st person: There goes Henry searching for those lost rocks again.
2nd person: Yeah, he's become a real crack chicken!
by CritterGetter October 13, 2007
Fried chicken sprinkled with a peculiar white substance resembling crack. Highly addictive, extremely tasty and possibly illegal.
Mary couldn't get enough of the crack chicken from Ocean's in Pine Bluff.
by Coach McF August 22, 2010
The chicken burgers that Wendy's makes, usually reffering to the spicy chicken burger. Any food from Wendy's can be reffered to as crack. The slang comes from the addictive quality of Wendy's food.
"Lets go and get some crack chicken, I'm going into withdrawal!"
"Good idea... so addictive."
by senna_trem September 11, 2005

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