the definition of a crab is a diss to crips because crips kill each other too. so they're crabs. most crip gangs dont like ROLLIN' 60 CRIP; a diss, NAPPS. before CRABS, the diss to crips was called E-Ricket because crips started in EAST LOS ANGELES, a gang called EASTCOAST CRIP, 1-9-0. crips would go around makin' noise, skippin' around and sayin' cuh every other second. so what bloods usually do with their words, they replace the "C" with a "B" but back then they replace the "C" with an "E" to represent EASTCOAST CRIPS. E-RICKET(EASTCOAST CRICKETS).
what happens if you put a whole bunch of crabs in one box. they start fightin' with each other and thats what they do, they fight each other.

"ay blood, look at those crab niggas fightin' each other."
#crabs #crips #gangstas #wangstas #and a blue army
by ya teacher October 14, 2006
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crabs:A tiny bug like creature that will infiltrate the pubis maximus,and lead you to isle 3 at the local pharmacy for some blue ointment.
Use the "ol"blue ointment for the crabs dissapointment use it 4 a night and a day,oh it burns an it itches,but it kills them sons of bitches in that good old fashioned way.
by spikemeister45036 August 20, 2003
Pesky pubic lice, that require treatment to remove, or they replicate and take over your entire crotch area.
Eazy-E sez: She had more crabs than a seafood platter.
by Bill February 14, 2004
a free souvenir from tijuana
banging that slut was worth getting crabs
#vd #crab people #crabz #tijuana #mexico #souvenir #donkey show
by Stupid Flanders December 02, 2005
An insulting term to crips, mostly used by us bloods
"You fuckin crab, betta not come around this block anymore"
by syked February 18, 2004
A parasite that lives in the pubic hair. The only cure is to shave off half of the pubic hair, light the other half on fire and stab the little bastards with an ice pick when they come running out.
"I got rid of those crabs but these scars will never heal"
#std #s.t.d. #crab #cures #cure #icepick #ice #pick #pub #pubes
by MoraLes February 20, 2006
these great little insects that live in your pubic hairs. THeyr'e really great and I like them a lot.
Hey Steve, do you want to see my crabs?
by wallis and futuna islands October 21, 2003
A strange creature with weak body armour and has a funny walk. It looks dangerous because it has weapons on the end of its foremost arms but these can easily be overcome by common sense. It can't read, write or talk properly because it is a crustacean....

Does that sound anything like the vast majority of authors for the definition of "Crab", and the ones to whom they apply their definitions??
Lol @ the gang war going on on UD. Fighting it out using dictionary definitions, real tough!

Of course, I have full respect for the actual crabs out there under rocks and in the sea and such.
#crab #crip #blood #idiots #parody #metaphor
by gratedraindrop February 22, 2007
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