Nickname for those born as a Cancer.
My crabby was born on June 24th.
by MD January 19, 2005
Top Definition
cranky, bad tempered
are you feeling crabby?
by sara March 09, 2004
A Bahamian word, also spelt Crabbie, used as a synonym for vagina.
That's why when Sponge Bob first came out with the delicacy "Crabby Patti", Bahamians were shocked that this was a children's cartoon. Since Mr. Crabs has a slightly Caribbean accent, some Bahamians had thought that this idea was intentional. Soon Bahamians came to an understanding that the term was purely innocent and had nothing to do with its colloquial term.
This word is also used as an insult to men who are feminine, acting womanish or gay.
"Getchyuh dig out, wap out, stink, leaky crabby from roung yah!"
Standard English: "Get your dug out, slack/loose, stink, soggy vagina from around here!"

"Gyal crabby fat too bey."
SE: This/that girl's vagina is fat."

"Bey dah nigga like man king. Heez suh real crabby jed."
SE: That man likes men. He is a real sissy.
by 242Ladi May 31, 2013
According to this watiress at senor frogs in the Bahams it is the word for pussy. Not dirty pussy, but just pussy in general.
Do you like crabby??

If you are a straight male you love crabby!

If you are a lesbo girl you love crabby!

(say all with a Bohemian accent)
by Drunk Dan March 09, 2006
Part of the body which looks weird but not naturally
Have you seen her crabby hand?
Yeah lets upload it on
by Jenny B. Goode May 05, 2009
When one has scabbies who posess rabies. THey have crabs with rabies.
Michelle, you got crabbies all over your pants.
by Candace January 24, 2004
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