Cranberry and apple, usually reffering to juice.
I love crapple juice.
by Green Tak October 16, 2008
A combination of the words, "Crap," and, "Careful."
Pronounced, "Crap-ul."
When the boy almost ran into her, she said, "Crapple!"
by That Girl Who likes Dinosaurs January 23, 2010
it's the aroma left after you take a dump and use apple airfreshener...
I had a housewarming party and I left a can of Apple airfreshener in the bathroom. Someone dropped a duce and used the airfreshener, when someone went in the bathroom and smelled it they said, "It smells like crapple in her!".
by Chezelle August 28, 2006
The worlds worst drink on Earth. Usually refers to Snapple,or some other crappy tasting juice drink that waters itself down and then charges more money.
This apple Snapple crapple tastes like apple water shit. I knew apple juice, I worked with apple juice, and you Snapple sir are no apple juice!
Any apple that is/tastes rotten, disgusting or like crap or doo-doo.
Person #1: Yuck, this apple is/tastes rotten!

Person #2: Ha Ha! You've got a crapple!
by Adam Flores December 11, 2006
VERB: To crapple. A word used to describe a really pony film script.
As in 'snap, crapple, pop'. Man, I read a review of that David Mamet film that said the 'dialogue really crackled'. 'Crappled', more like. All he does is make every character answer a question with another question.
by Hayes Benedict Thompson November 07, 2007
A word from Family guy...
Holy CRIPP hes a CRAPPLE!!!!
by oopoop September 06, 2006
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