Affectionate term for Apple.
John said, "I'd play that game with you, but I'm stuck on this Crapple."
by fred October 22, 2003
1. A dish made up of crap and apple which is bitter-sweet.
2. The active non-exercise of said values.
Yesterday my company gave me a crapple sandwich with a side of "good job" and my final paycheck!
by muahlamb4 July 30, 2009
i combination of the words crap and snapple. usually expresses unhappiness.
"ahh crapple i broke my new phone!!"
by kaima lani May 15, 2009
a poo that is not coming out. (originated from the words crap and cripple)
(on the phone)
"sorry dude, i cant make it to your party"
"because this crapple is not coming out!"
by crapplecrapple April 12, 2009
A combination of the words, "Crap," and, "Careful."
Pronounced, "Crap-ul."
When the boy almost ran into her, she said, "Crapple!"
by That Girl Who likes Dinosaurs January 23, 2010
Cranberry and apple, usually reffering to juice.
I love crapple juice.
by Green Tak October 16, 2008
it's the aroma left after you take a dump and use apple airfreshener...
I had a housewarming party and I left a can of Apple airfreshener in the bathroom. Someone dropped a duce and used the airfreshener, when someone went in the bathroom and smelled it they said, "It smells like crapple in her!".
by Chezelle August 28, 2006

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