Essentially, "crap". But exponentially cooler.
by Curtissed August 28, 2008
A shot of Crown Apple with a splash of cranberry.
Ay bitch we need 3 crapples.
by breezy929 May 17, 2016
Crapple is an assortment of useless apps that is forced on users as part of new ios updates.
The Apple i Watch icon on my iphone is useless as I don't have an apple watch. So I create a folder on my phone for this app and the rest of the crapple.
by GeoBandito May 10, 2016
A cranberry apple thing

Also a word to tell you friends you going to take a massive dump
I like crapple

And I gonna take a massive crapple
by Camperboy04 December 12, 2014
The So called healthy foods that arent really healthy... Low fat oreos
Low fat Twinkies are crapple
by Bobby(thisisntmyrealname) November 01, 2010
When one reaches into the fridge and pulls out a Snapple, sips, and realizes it is not the flavor of desire. This event usually occurs during the morning when one is most disoriented. 'Crapple' can be used two ways...a. A verb b. an interjection
a. “this doesn't taste like Snapple apple..."

"Gurl you jus crappled!"

b."Crapple! i didn't want diet peach tea. Shoot me!"
by owennn October 18, 2010
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