Most beautiful korean in this country. She is so hot. She is my fantasy. BuT Its a top secret SHHHHHHHHH!!! Don't tell anyone!
I want to pluck CP so hard.
by gochewpride March 02, 2004
acronym for cone piece, holds the weed in the bong. can't buy them anymore due to ridiculous laws. many resort to using scrap bits of tin
dont drop the cp, you cant buy them no more!
by STOP USING MY NAMES August 09, 2007
CP. Chivapi phallus. A young boy with a small, skinless 'sausage like' penis
Matthew "sid" Sidoti
by Brett Hurst August 08, 2004
cunt punt i.e. when a man or woman swiftly kicks a woman square in the vajaja.
"next time I see that hoe I'm gonna cp her!"
by Ob's October 08, 2007
An acronym for college pussy.
Ay yo look at that cp sittin' on the lifeguard stand.
by Zachary David Hanson July 22, 2008
Cunt punt, or CP. Kicking a girl in the vagina.
Codey: Girl don't make me give you a CP.
by Codey February 11, 2008
This is a shortened term for clown pussy. It is most common with the chicks who have red hair.
- What the hell?! you have brown eyebrows i could have sworn that you were... nope you do infact have a CP, you must be a redhead.
by trevomeister January 13, 2006

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