Centipoise - a measurement of viscosity. Substance is tested with a viscometer.
Lab Rat #1: Damn shit bollocks!! This viscosity is way too high!!

Lab Rat #2: Who gives a fuck?
by Betty Swollocks March 06, 2005
Stands for College Program.
Someone working for Disney that's not a full-time/part-time cast member.
"Are you a CP? I did that once."
by xavier February 05, 2005
Abbreviation used by the Walt Disney World (WDW) Cast Members (CM) when referring to cast members who are working at WDW as part of the Walt Disney World College Program internship experience.
CM1: Hey, who's the new kid?
CM2: Oh, that's just one of the new CPs that just arrived.
by a former BoardWalk Front Desk CP October 10, 2006
Cunt Punch--A closed fist punch to the vagina.

Also see: Uppercunt
She talked back and I gave her a CP.
by Dusty Rhodes April 23, 2004
Abbreviation for "Corporal Punishment".

In the fetish context, it most often refers to chastisement on the buttocks between consenting adults.

Whereas spanking tends to be used to mean blows to the buttocks with the hand, CP usually involves implements such as paddles, straps or canes ... or one of many objects that can be pressed into service to give a satisfying sting to a willing rear end!

It has been suggested that the pleasure obtained from a spanking is similar to the "Runners High" achieved after a period of strenuous exercise. The pain triggers the release of opiate-like substances called endorphins – hormones that make you feel good. The feeling of well-being can relieve stress and help with relaxation.

See spanking, paddling, caning
"My best mate's into CP and wants me to spank him. It should be a laugh and we can post a clip on Youtube"

"Anyone around here into a bit of CP for fun?"
by CpcP October 02, 2007
Stands for "Custom Purchase"
A girl who doesn't have any wal-marts where she lives asks a friend who lives close to one to buy something for her...and say...mail it.

Example: She wanted X which is on sale, so she asked her friend to do a CP for her.
by EthanEretz September 11, 2007
CP (Curry Point) is the point at which a curry comb touches the skin of the horse being combed. The significance of this Curry Point is that it is WHERE THE RUBBER (i.e. the Curry Comb) MEETS THE RODE(i.e. the horse being combed).
The two people had reached the CP of their relationship.
by Randy Fitzwater August 11, 2007
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