Community Puddy - otherwise know as a girl who gets around, and everyone knows about it.
Dude Swaff got with that CP last night.
by Santa Claus's Serial Killer December 08, 2009
When a girl under the age of 18 decides to perform fellatio on a man, while letting the man film it and take pictures, then the man posts it, then it results in the man being arrested for possession and production of CP.
John: Man did you watch the vid of my daughter's friend's sister's classmate's mother's niece suck on my tool on teh internets???


John: Did you???

Bob: No, that's CP dude.
by loopyhole January 26, 2009
what we call mike
"hey guys whats up?"
"nuthin much, cp, u?"
by ty December 13, 2003
Otherwise known as a Clownpussy. Refers to Redheaded females. Also referred to as Firecrotch.
"Dude, look at the ginger over there."
"I know I would totally nail that CP."
by blarrrrg February 11, 2009
college preparatory class, the average or mid-level class in high school.

in terms of school levels you have:
I am in two cp classes.
by Blaaaaas September 17, 2008
A participant in the Walt Disney World College Program- a college internship program for students. Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. An opportunity to live in Orlando and Disney for a small price and havea semester of utter freedom. Possibly one of the best experiences of any participant's life.
~"So are you a Disney Cast Member?"
~"Are you seasonal, full time, part time...?"
~"No..... I'm a CP."
by Brittany R. August 24, 2007
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