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from the spanish "come pinga"
1. literally a dick eater
2. an asshole, douche, fuckwad, or other negative word for a general idiot particularly, guys with mustangs, camaros, dropped wanna-be fast hondas or dropped F-150s. The average college frat boy dickhead.
Why is that guy still using the dragon ball z style blowout hair cut? Cause he's a fucking C.P. I bet he drives a mustang.
by Bukok Clan January 26, 2006
Can stand for many things, including:

1. Command Post (Star Wars Battlefront)

2. Control Point (Team Fortress 2, basically the same thing as definition #1)

3. Civil Protection (Half-Life 2)

4. Club Penguin
1. Capture that CP before the enemy regroups!

2. Example above^

3. CP units heading your way, Dr. Freeman

4. Go on CP tonight, I'll be on.
by Terrazine August 30, 2011
Originating in Tottenham (Dodge), Ont. Canada, refers to a Cable Piece taken from the end of a television cable and used in a bong (cp bottle), usually home made, to smoke marijuana. Recognized by HIGH TIMES in 1997, its major benefit is its efficiency. Often abbreviated to P.
Lets hit a CP.

Lets hit a P.

Pack a/the P.

Dodge Dweller1: Dude, want to hit some CPs?
Dodge Dweller2: Of course.

Dodge Dweller3: You want to blaze?
Dodge Dweller4: If you've got a pen I've got a CP.
by Dodge Dweller March 10, 2009
C= Cool, Classy, Confident, Cute
P= Passionate, Political, Prudent Pass, Price
"wow, i think she's got the four C's... she must be a C P!"
by Astrata January 27, 2008
Community Puddy - otherwise know as a girl who gets around, and everyone knows about it.
Dude Swaff got with that CP last night.
by Santa Claus's Serial Killer December 08, 2009
When a girl under the age of 18 decides to perform fellatio on a man, while letting the man film it and take pictures, then the man posts it, then it results in the man being arrested for possession and production of CP.
John: Man did you watch the vid of my daughter's friend's sister's classmate's mother's niece suck on my tool on teh internets???


John: Did you???

Bob: No, that's CP dude.
by loopyhole January 26, 2009
what we call mike
"hey guys whats up?"
"nuthin much, cp, u?"
by ty December 13, 2003