Captain Picard

Etymology: The first known usage of CP as Captain Picard was on the ubercore forum, "The Evolution of the Swan".
"Get that CP outta here!"
by Comrade Dave November 19, 2006
Cp: Cerebral Pares
A medical term for a nerv disease or brain damage wich you are born with. Wich leads to movement disorders and talking disorders.

Cp is often used in sweden when you want to proclaim how godamn retarded someone is.
Person 1: OMG HES FUCKING CP!!!!!!!
Person 2: Haha yeah i know hes a godamn cp child
by Damorte May 06, 2004
1. A drug, in any of its various forms, derived from urine or any of the major cats, Esp. Felis domestica.
2. To use CP
The vitim, unknowingly dosed with 400mg of CP, spent three hours convinced that she had died, being materialized into the shag rug carpet, before comming off the bender some time later.
by TheShroomHermit August 27, 2003
Police abbreviation for "calling party"
The CP said that the Washington Mutual on 3rd and Broadway is being held up by 4 armed gunmen.
by Bacon McGee June 09, 2006
A word used alot by swedish kids, it basicly means retarded
Jonas: Shut up aleks you fucking cp child
Aleks: OK
by CraCKtobeR May 28, 2005
A suburb of Washington, DC. Home to the University of Maryland.
So, are you going to be in CP this weekend?
by C-Dawg March 14, 2005
CP abbreviation for Cell Phone
Dude, can I borrow your cp?
by Dude_im_hyper March 12, 2005
some1 that is a theif or cheats in keyboarding by copying and pasting
ismat is such a fucking cp
by victim of cp November 19, 2003

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