A boy that is shy to do or say something.
Christina Aguilera's Can't Hold Us Down says, "But you're just a little boy
Think you're so cute, so coy"
by Denise October 24, 2004
An initialism used by supporters of the English rugby-union team, Northampton Saints, as shorthand for 'Come On, You Saints'.
Chris Ashton's second try against Australia was amazing - COYS!
by majabl November 14, 2010
Technique to get the tang
Oh, you are just being coy
by Michael Sabino December 03, 2003
(Military) contraction for "company"
C. coy in reserve.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
Replacement for the word "boy" as used by members of the Crip gangs.
Wat up coy?
by Jamalisha January 18, 2009
To screw up a simple procedure.
Please don't coy the beer bottle, just open it.
by Team Rhino June 26, 2006
(noun, verb)
1. Somebody who always screws up simple tasks; to screw up something very simple; usually due to fear.
2. Messing anything up because of fear.
1. Constantly intimidated and unable to act.
1. All that coy had to do was be a man, but now that redhead owns him.
1. He had her topless and begging, but he coyed it all up and settled for booby action.
1. Don't be so frickin' coy! Smack that chic's ass!
by thelegendruck March 11, 2008

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