A small inbred Australian town full of shit-talkers and drug fucked. Commonly refered to as the Mount Druitt of the west. Also has the highest cancer rate in the country. When someone says Cowra is giving me cancer they are probably right!
"Hey man I'm from Cowra"

"Get out of my face you druggie cunt. You're giving me cancer"
by hilarity ensues January 22, 2013
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A town full of shit talkers and rumors. You can't do a single thing without someone starting shit on it. I advise you to never ever visit or live here.
"Heard of Cowra?"
"Yeah, shit hole full of shit talkers."
by truthhurtsmotherfuckers May 13, 2012
An random place in the middle of no where surrounded by cows.
Person 1: I just went to Cowra yesterday.
Person 2: Woah...... Where is that place?
Person 1: A place with too many cows.
Person 2: Woah.......
by ragecrack July 18, 2010

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