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A silly way to say coincidence, meaning two or more occurances that happen, seemilngly, by chance.
It was a cowinky-dink that we both had the same favorite restraunt written down on the survey.
by Leashie Peashie January 24, 2009
9 1
This is a famous quote by a character on the TV show: King of the hill. It means basically coincidence in slang.
Shea: I have a peanut butter sandwich too!
Linnea: What a cowinkydink!
by I'm Muffin!!!! Not you! May 12, 2006
15 11
The sound that was made when the sperm met the egg and created Dana Sanblahblah
When Danas parents were in the moment all of a sudden "Cowinkydink"
by Faith23 August 10, 2008
3 10