used in north yorkshire. a word to describe something when you can't remember what its called.
lad 1: 'give us one of them cowies ova yonder'
lad 2: 'what a cucumber?'
lad 1: 'aye'
by mcpezzaj March 11, 2008
Top Definition
geordie word for ecstacy
giz a cowie
by geordie October 24, 2003
An astronomical unit of measurement that is used by astrophysicists and theoretical scientists. It measures the singular gravitation at a single point in space realative to the summation of all bodies of mass that lay within pull of the specific point. The unit is based on a number of mass bodies, as the number approaches infinity, that affect the gravitation on a singular point. The unit specifies that the summation as the number approaches infinity of mass bodies lay at a distance of 1.00*10^7 km in any given direction, thus making the point of reference the center in a circle of raduis 1.00*10^7 with the outerline defined by an infinity number of masses all with mass of 1*10^20 kg.
The point force on the particle, in Cowies, is 3000 Cowies, or 3 Killacowies.
by Larson Lives Free April 13, 2010
a yorkshire term for cocaine
'that bags full of chalk powder, not cowie mate, youve been jipped
by deathznow September 12, 2006
A W-E Forums loser. Loves Evil Steve. Obsessed with Cows. Probably sexually
Hey! I've heard your a Cowie!
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
Fat cow
Look, it's Cowie from WEForums! Fat cow!
by Erametin May 11, 2003
Word used in the north east of england to refer to when someone's pants are pulled down inorder to cause complete embarrasment. Used alot in schools.
"Did ya hear that katy got cowied yesterday? Everyone was pissing themselves laughing"
by Chris March 09, 2005
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