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a yorkshire term for cocaine
'that bags full of chalk powder, not cowie mate, youve been jipped
by deathznow September 12, 2006
geordie word for ecstacy
giz a cowie
by geordie October 24, 2003
An astronomical unit of measurement that is used by astrophysicists and theoretical scientists. It measures the singular gravitation at a single point in space realative to the summation of all bodies of mass that lay within pull of the specific point. The unit is based on a number of mass bodies, as the number approaches infinity, that affect the gravitation on a singular point. The unit specifies that the summation as the number approaches infinity of mass bodies lay at a distance of 1.00*10^7 km in any given direction, thus making the point of reference the center in a circle of raduis 1.00*10^7 with the outerline defined by an infinity number of masses all with mass of 1*10^20 kg.
The point force on the particle, in Cowies, is 3000 Cowies, or 3 Killacowies.
by Larson Lives Free April 13, 2010
used in north yorkshire. a word to describe something when you can't remember what its called.
lad 1: 'give us one of them cowies ova yonder'
lad 2: 'what a cucumber?'
lad 1: 'aye'
by mcpezzaj March 11, 2008
Fat cow
Look, it's Cowie from WEForums! Fat cow!
by Erametin May 11, 2003
A W-E Forums loser. Loves Evil Steve. Obsessed with Cows. Probably sexually
Hey! I've heard your a Cowie!
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
Rajahs MY bitch
Rajah is Cowies' bitch
by Cowie May 11, 2003