To have immensely vigorous butt sex with a male/female partner.
Hey Justin, I just had some epic Cowboy Butt Sex with my girlfriend last night!
by Le Niggar of Negros. January 22, 2012
Top Definition
what happens when you go camping with

1 a homosexual
2 your friend
3 your father

they were having butt sex cowboy butt sex
by THNDRBIRD17 May 29, 2009
a verb used to describe a rough anal orgy, usually between two men.
BRAD: dude you gave me awesome cowboy buttsex, and now i wont shit right for a week

Zak: Thanks Brad, i am pretty good
by mac jacob July 10, 2008
the sexual realaions between a cowboy and his butt.
dude, I know you are my friend, but i'm craving some cowboy butt sex.
by nighthawkdragon April 27, 2008
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