(idiotic noun)-any dignant fuck who will do anything(especially ride a non-domesticated animal) for attention
at ikes funeral

some fuckhead "cowboy" faggot did a fricken "rodeo prayer"

and i dont think it was an actual prayer

cause it had 4 cusswords in it

at a funeral!!

please tell me

what kind of people

cuss at a funeral??

by i hate cowboys August 27, 2005
someone who cant ride, who loses you money down the bookies when you feel the horse should have won
I would be a grand up if it was not for that cowboy
by Sam Stevens May 15, 2003
A bro who owns you in DoD every time, and theres nothing you can do about it.
Oh No! Cowboy owned me again! Dammit!
by Pinkius May 05, 2005
A fat computer sci kid, who sits around computer labs playing world of warcraft. A cowboy is pretty gay, and usually hangs around with other freaks AKA salad face (see salad face).
Why is cowboy always in the labs, and hanging around with that farget salad face.
by Lordpiggyinton May 03, 2005
The best team ever, winning 5 nfl championships, and goin to more than any other team in the league!!!!
GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!
Kickin everyones ass this year, after only a 4-12 season last year. Parcell's ur the man!!!!
HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!! America's team bitch, besta recognize!!!!
by Jon AKA J Balla Hernandez December 22, 2003
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