A tough, hard-working, real man. Not a libral. No queer could ever be a cowboy. A cowboy knows how tie fences, drive an american made manual truck.
My grandpa is a cowboy because he owns a ranch and manages he horses and cows on it even though he is 73. Lets see a lib
by bill's left leg January 09, 2006
A self-capable farmboy/rancher.

Also may be interpreted as a sleazy barfly of the Old West who frequents taverns, wears cowhide knee-guards, spits chewed tobacco, and believes that a pistol-duel is a excellent problem solver.
Cowboy #1: "Gimme a chaw 'O tobacky will ya?"

Cowboy #2 (technically a "cow girl"): "Naw, you didn't pay me back the chaw I gave you before"

Cowboy #1: "Shutup and gimme the damn chaw woman!"

Cowboy #3: "Don't talk to my wimmin like that!"

Cowboy #3 hurls a fist at Cowboy #1, Cowboy #1 parries the attack easily, and throws another one but misses.

Cowboy #2 stands up from her chair, and lodges both of her fists into the brawler's chins.

Cowboy #2: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaah!"

Cowboy #1 takes a half-full beer glass and breaks it on the head of Cowboy #3, knocking him unconcious before proceeding to pin Cowboy #2 to the ground and lifting her skirt up.
by Chang Tan December 19, 2004
someone who believes/percieves that are doing something correctly but in reality they have no clue what they are doing and they are just making themselves look like a wanker.
'abraham your such a cowboy'
by john lewins November 05, 2007
A unskilled person who pretends to be a professional trades person.
by Minges and all! April 15, 2003
To aledgedly take money from well known charities, also to go for a meal not pay then eat what everyone doesn't.
Children in need takings.
night out at the Royal Tandoori House
by chav April 08, 2005
noun: 1. a stick or other long object used to tend a campfire
2. stick used as a primative campfire lighter; used to light smokes, fireworks, or other
Dude, hand me the cowboy so I can stoke this dead ass fire.
by dude November 10, 2003
To put it simply, a dick rider

someone who always hangs out wit a dude and laughs at his jokes to solidify his "kinship" with the individual, a parasite, a barnicle, a fuckin sonson.

Usually a kid who doesn't have any backbone to think for himself, and probably gets yelled at and scolded by said "friend", and takes it.

If you see one of these kids, either chin check em or pull their card.
Person1: "Yo dat nigga mike is a fuckin cowboy, he always laughs at that dude christian's jokes, he defends him and butts into our conversations, and I saw him gettin Sonned out, by body n da nigga didn't even do nothin!!!!"

Person2: "$12 says dat nigga mike would drink a cup of gatorade if dat nigga chris jizzed in it"

Person3: "Bet dat "
by CyphA Sunn September 02, 2007
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