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Phrase used to describe to action of taking a deep breath, forgetting about the pain and fear, digging down deep, and carrying on to the end.
Dad: Son, are you injured or are you hurt?

Son: What's the difference?

Dad: If you are injured, you sit your ass on the sidelines and watch your team play the rest of the game. If you are hurt, you cowboy the fuck up, swallow your pain, put your helmet back on, and get back into the fight.

Son: I'm just hurt a little, dad.

Dad: That's my boy.
by dammit janet October 21, 2004
1 Word related to cowboy the fuck up
To marshall your physical and mental resources and continue toward your goal. Cowboys of old were known for their stalwartness.
So you fell off your'd better cowboy the fuck up and try it again.
by Tasha December 24, 2004
1. To grow a tough skin quickly or suck it up.
2. Punchline to a brilliant lyric in Deathboy's "The 80s are Dead"

3. Credited as 'Astrid's bit.
"Stop being a sissymary motherfucker, and just cowboy the fuck up already"
by titled November 05, 2003
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