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a fancier, high end expensive american made pickup truck, 4 door (crew cab), lots of chrome and a fancy edition name. All of them cost over $40,000 new

Models include:
Ford F-series King Ranch, Platinum and Limited
Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn
Chevy Silverado LTZ
GMC Sierra Denali
D1: Hey did you see Ron's new truck?

D2: Yeah, i see he got a cowboy cadillac

D1: Yup, i doubt that thing will ever see any mud in its life

D2: True that...
by truckerdude23423 January 17, 2013
A pickup truck. Usually with the truck bed filled with empty beer cans and/or dogs.
Billy Bob went over to pick up his date Sue Ellen in his beat-up cowboy cadillac.
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