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A young, boyish gay male (boi) who dresses in the rugged, cattle-rancher style of the old West. This may be due either due to the guy's upbringing on a ranch or a desire to achieve the urban cowboy look through a particular style of metrosexuality.

Cowbois can be seen on the streets of New York and Boston and in some gay clubs and bars. Perhaps some have been newly inspired by cowbois Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal from the film Brokeback Mountain.
1) I love watching cowbois make out... yee haw!

2) We cowbois sure know how to slap leather.

3) OMG, what is he wearing? Sure, the hat, tight jeans, and boots, are kinda sexy, but why's he suddenly going all cowboi on us? I liked him better when he was just a twink.
by mgeyer2006 February 14, 2006
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