Camilla Belle. A derivative of the nickname CamBelle. Because she is as desirable as a cow and as ugly as one too. A future ex of Joe Jonas. Noticeable features are her fake accent, her alien shaped eyes, and her caterpillar bushy eyebrows which only draw attention to said Martian eyes. Various forms of this name are Cowwhore and Cowskank, because she is a whore and a skank.
Cowbell is awful in the movie 10,000B.C. Her nappy dready hair and unwashed body make her more undesirable than ever before.
by veronica_jonas May 17, 2009
During anal sex, you pull your penis out of your partner's ass fast enough so that it retains it's widened status, then you quickly insert your finger into their cornhole and proceed to ring it like a cowbell.
Mary Sue wasn't very pleased when i revealed the cowbell to her last night, so i was forced to donkey punch her.
by Emshizzle June 21, 2006
a bell worn around a prize head of cattle's neck, used so the owner can know where it is.
Clem heard Bessie's cowbell a mile away
by E. Stevens July 25, 2005
slang for a male's dangling scrotum
man I can smell your cow bell over here!
by tenacious-m October 11, 2005
denotes something that sucks. taken from a SNL skit in which a record producer continually requests 'more cowbell' in a track, despite its horrendous sound.
Bill understood that his guitar playing was awfull when the crowd began to shout "more cowbell"
by mikey myke October 13, 2005
A skit from Saturday Night Live that is completely overrated and that people talk about when they want to appear funny. Such morons are also known to use such overrused words as "random," "cheese," "crack," and "monkey" in an attempt to get a laugh.
"Oh my gosh! You have got to be smoking crack, you crazy monkey! You must need more cowbell! Ah! I'm so random! Cheese!"
by Janay C February 22, 2006
Tonk, tonk, tonk, tonk... Don't fear the reaper!
That sadistic butcher sing that song to the cows claiming it needs more cowbells
by Jacob Parker April 26, 2005

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