A person who refuses to appear on The Colbert Report.

A person who thinks with his head rather than feel with his gut.
Thinking is the coward's way out.
by Stephen Colbert April 09, 2006
Peter Gilmour
Peter gilmour is a Coward
by ThegreatOZ May 31, 2013
An individual who on numerous occasions boasts how terrific he is in various life activities, but fails miserably to achieve results and then runs away and crawls into a hole never to take his medicine for his complete lack of life skills.

He taunts other people at drafts and calls his fantasy sports teams something to mock another person like "MY WIFE DRAFTED FOR ME", but he himself embodies loneliness and fails at not just fantasy sports but at life in general and hides away for months, only to resurface and begin his cycle of cowardice all over again, each summer.
Peter said that he would bury you this week in Fantasy Football, but he lost and simply disappeared from the message board. What a damn coward!
by Ivan Drago's Right Hand November 04, 2009
A weak person who backs away and possibly runs in light of confrontation. See France.
The french are the worlds worst cowards.
by Pill Box March 03, 2008
Veeral Desai / Josiah Filler
A coward is often described as someone by the name of Veeral Desai or Josiah Filler. These people exhibit all of the traits of a coward. Thus, description beyond names becomes unnecessary.

Instead of saying, "Don't be such a coward," one would instead say, "Don't be such a scared little Veeral."
by Brave War Monger December 01, 2009
Having the attribute(s) of a bovine or going the same direction as a herd.
"Hay, you are sure a coward."
"Cow-ard ho"
by MyCowsCanFly February 06, 2007
John McCain
John McCain stands behind his wife to attack Obama. He had the opportunity to attack Obama at the last debate face-to-face, but chose not to. He is a coward.
by Jojo in the townhouse October 09, 2008

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