A person who refuses to appear on The Colbert Report.

A person who thinks with his head rather than feel with his gut.
Thinking is the coward's way out.
by Stephen Colbert April 09, 2006
Someone who wishes to remain alive rather than risk his life in a conflict he had no part in starting.
Fritz is trying to prolong his own life, rather than join the army, let's execute the traitorous coward.
by SuperMaligan March 12, 2015
A person who makes plans to get it in, but backs out at the last minute
The lil' General didn't see any action last night because Joe is a coward
by Vegetable_Lasagna January 24, 2015
A weak person who backs away and possibly runs in light of confrontation. See France.
The french are the worlds worst cowards.
by Pill Box March 03, 2008
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