Positive, Good, Great, in an aspect greater than 'cool'.
mostly used by headbangers, metalheads, skaters, surfers, and ninja turtles.
Cowabunga dudes!
by Darrel March 20, 2003
a singular word expressing appreciation of an amusing physical action.

I took to saying it to my bulldog and pitbull in appreciation of their leaping on the kitchen table or doing something otherwise physically dramatic. Such as falling off the couch. I believe I picked it up from Homer Simpson.

It'd be quite cool if the "American Indian" history is accurate.
Lula the bulldog leaps vertically to murder a balloon: Cowabunga!
#cowabunga #woo-hoo #wooo-eee #booga booga #go baby
by Crazy Lula April 12, 2009
Quirky Sally's definition is fine, but the word originated from surfer slang in the early sixties.
Cowabunga! Look at her ride that wave.
by sgwm April 19, 2005
its just a word u yell out...kinda like woohoo
"Cowabunga, dudes"
by Cassidy February 23, 2004
chinese for i'm so confused right it's not even funny. you can use it at parties or religious meetings. you can even use it at you cousin's funeral. all the chinese men tell it to their doggies when they are going for walks. or when they go poopie in their pants. or this word can mean iLove you in arabic.
chinese men gather for a funeral.
chinese man 1: hey. what's up?
chinese man 2: COWABUNGA!
chinese man 1: shweeet.
#chinese #arabic #foood #yuum #doogies.
by JAM; March 31, 2009
when you are smoking pot, and you don't realize your high until 5 or 10 minutes later!
wow I'm high.... cowabunga!
#cowabunga #pot #high #stoned #late
by anonymous cause its a secret October 30, 2007
Rock n' roll!
Are you ready to go?
Cowabunga dude, lets hit it!
by Anonymous May 31, 2003
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