When someone walks into a bar or store and finds the most obese person in the place and proceeds to walk up, push them to the ground, and promptly vacate the premises.

This can cause reactions of extreme violence by the victim and others, so it is important to leave immediately after performing the act.
"Hey did you hear about that new bar down the street? We should go do some cow tipping."
by M Rockwell February 22, 2007
When your fucking a really fat girl from behind and when you finish you push her over.
i was cow tipping this girl and she fell off the bed.
by Trizzy_trey_77 February 24, 2015
When you are fucking a fat girl and you are about to bust so you tip her on her side and jizz on her.
Guy 1: Hey man, are you up for cow tipping some bitch?
Guy 2: Hell yeah!
by Thunder&Tim January 02, 2012
the act of putting a roofie in a fat girl's drink, and waiting around long enough until she falls or "tips"
A bunch of frat boys just came in here cow tipping. Hopefully there aren't too many of them or this place is going down.
by Durpo June 11, 2010
sexual intercourse between a small male and a large female or between two or more males, one of which is overweight
Andrew: How do you know they're gay?

Stephen: Dude, because that guy went cowtipping last night with the bartender!
by Karl Davidson November 19, 2007
the act of fucking a fat chick and as soon as you you finish you push her off the bed
She broke her arm after alex went cow tipping on her
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
The act of defacating on a bed an pushing your partner onto it. Then you proceed to have sex with them
Cow Tipping is disgusting
by Corryb95 May 21, 2010
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