When someone walks into a bar or store and finds the most obese person in the place and proceeds to walk up, push them to the ground, and promptly vacate the premises.

This can cause reactions of extreme violence by the victim and others, so it is important to leave immediately after performing the act.
"Hey did you hear about that new bar down the street? We should go do some cow tipping."
by M Rockwell February 20, 2007
sexual intercourse between a small male and a large female or between two or more males, one of which is overweight
Andrew: How do you know they're gay?

Stephen: Dude, because that guy went cowtipping last night with the bartender!
by Karl Davidson November 19, 2007
When a thin male has sex with a abnormally large female.
"Hey Tom, how was cow tipping last night?"
by Johnny Go Good. May 30, 2007
the act of tipping a cow. tip tip
Boy: Gees I do love cow tipping!
Farmer: Quit cow tipping my cows!
by whitexasian July 24, 2006
Going up to a sleeping cow and push it over

it is posible you have to have about six people and run very fast at it
hey look a sleeping cow
by Townie killer November 12, 2004
1. go up to cow with friends ( it is imposible to tip a cow by ones self) then push cow over.
2. national pastime see D-ware
hey zach have u ever tipped a cow?
yea i have and it just got right back up.
by pezzy t April 23, 2004
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