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1. A cow is a weird fucking animal that we eat and has fucked up spots.
2. Someone so fat they can't move.
1. Let's eat a cow for dinner tonight!
2. You are such a fucking cow!
by KevinP March 06, 2012
Verb- the act of having sex with a woman doggy-style while grasping ones hands around the woman's nipples and yanking them up and down in the hope that they will produce milk.
Dude, I totally cowed your mom last night.
by lolwatdotcom February 16, 2011
A bloody bitch
Mate, shes a bloody cow.
by mugsrus January 02, 2011
an fat old hag
my grandma is a cow
by cowfuck October 13, 2009
el depresso. cows are very depressed over nothing. they sit at tables with there boyfriend (one of many) and pretend to cry with them. they do very weird sexual things to girls and make them feel arkward yet claim theyre straight. they sleep around and then say they didnt consent. they sink very low and need to grow up before it all back fires on them. they need to learn that lieing consistantly gets you no where and they always get found out in the end. they make strange noises like 'mooo' alot. they also like to make claims of harrasment and verbal abuse against others when infact it was them who 'harrased and verbally abused' someone. basically, theyre completely screwed up and have no life.
person 1: hey did you see that vanessa girl the other day?
person 2: yea, what a cow!
by coastguard man May 16, 2009
a animal that you squeeze its tits for milk.
a fat ass/somone who eats to much.
aparently o-zone layers are thinning because of its methane gas.
Get out the way you frickin cow!
Dude are you raping that cow?
by Alex and. February 11, 2008
A girl who is so huge and bitchy, you just can't stand to be around her
That cow never loved you, Tom.

STFU you cow!

Cow is closely related to the cock.

Katie: I love you!
Mike: I'm not attracted to bovine!

by J-RIZZO November 29, 2007