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The webmaster without a site...(WTF?)

A general flirt and womanizer.

A visionary with no one to pass his vision along to because no one wants to think enough to understand.
Cow....Yeah he's very confusing.

Cow!?!?!?!He is such a perv!!!! But he is sweet...

Stop trying to prove me wrong Cow! Your making me look stupid!
actual quotes of random people I know
by Cow December 21, 2004
Shorthand for coward.
Er... You cow?
by Pikace June 27, 2004
1) A real fat person
2) Someone who eats too much
3) A dumber-than-a-rock farm animal
1) Sounds like this girl who stalked me
2) My ex gf
3) This, thing, i saw in a shiney book
by ca-ow August 12, 2003
excellent (in Hawaii)
wow that was some kine bud
by spidey February 23, 2005
local Hawaiian for "kind"
Eh brah, dis stuff is da bes' kine!
by Deb January 28, 2004
The urge to have some sort of sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex(or in some cases, the same) in any form of rooms related to food.
You banged the chick in the kitchen? You are so Kine-ing you son of a b*itch.

- Oh yeah, lets do it in the school cafeteria!
- You're not a Kiner, are you?
by Ekac820 April 10, 2008