Crippled Old Woman - mostly used in primary schools, and considered a big insult.
Did you hear? Chris is a right COW *giggles*
by xxMissiixx January 19, 2007
Kine is a hawaiian words that translates to "the one". It is used to express like or show praise towards something or someone. The term has been popularized in the continental United States in reference to potent Cannabis.
"This steak is da kine"
by Dr. Dankenstein October 05, 2006
Used by horsemen to describe a horse that is clumsy, untalented, or difficult to work with.
You're never going to win at the horse shows on that cow.
by Foxsong January 18, 2004
an expression used to describe the anal qualities of another, usually in reference to something that may displease another
Dude, that is really cow!
Stop it, you're being cow.
by B man November 15, 2003
The webmaster without a site...(WTF?)

A general flirt and womanizer.

A visionary with no one to pass his vision along to because no one wants to think enough to understand.
Cow....Yeah he's very confusing.

Cow!?!?!?!He is such a perv!!!! But he is sweet...

Stop trying to prove me wrong Cow! Your making me look stupid!
actual quotes of random people I know
by Cow December 21, 2004
1) A real fat person
2) Someone who eats too much
3) A dumber-than-a-rock farm animal
1) Sounds like this girl who stalked me
2) My ex gf
3) This, thing, i saw in a shiney book
by ca-ow August 12, 2003
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