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Noun. Not used has a farm Animal. it is used when someone is bigger than one or smells like one.
Marty: Look at that cow Eva. Man, she is so big that she can eat a cow in one sitting.

Paulo: Dude, She's more than a Cow. She's a hippo. and she just ate that poor cow with bbq sauce. can't you just smell that Cow?

Marty:Yea! i smell that Eva Cow. that poor lil milk cow he didn't stand a chance with that Cow Eva. Let's all Moo at her.

Plz. see Human earthquake for more refences.
by evil_twin December 14, 2007
an insult to someone you hate
oh my god bob your a cow
by jagged rock.com February 13, 2005
A hoofed mammal known widely for standing in fields and eating grass. it is also the subject of the myth of "cow tipping" and often used in many different ways for human and animal consumption.

The word 'cow' is said to be inheriently funny, and so cows are used in many jokes using animals. Gary Larson, author of The Far Side, is known for making countless comics featuring cows. Many people imitate the sounds of the cow to seem amusing or to fill in long, uncomfortable silences in conversations.
a: I saw a cow the other day.
b: haha
a: what? I really did.
b: oh.
by Zi October 03, 2004
For those who are too cool to say the word "concert" but feel too uncool to say the word "show" thus, the word "cow" is created. It can also be used if one doesn't know whether to consider the cow a concert or a show: concerts are usually big, shows are usually local bands.
Joe Breston totally tore up that amazing cow last night in the mosh pit.
by spritehehe May 11, 2008
Cattle-group Of-da World
An organization against the A.C.S. (Anti-Cattleman Society)
by moofoo April 21, 2003
Condo On Wheels
You are the dumbest redneck, a COW it doesn't go moo and it isn't a Condo On Wheels, it's a fucking trailer, what

a dumbass condo, on wheels....
by WGOMBAR November 04, 2010
the cops or as know as the pigs
The COWS busted that chick's party last night.
by Michelle420 April 27, 2008