1. An animal used for meat and for milk. Domesticated. Sadly, this animal has had a rather bloody history, and not even their babies are safe from being turned into food; the little ones become an evil food known as veal.

2. A term for a nasty, stupid, and/or promiscuous person (usually female), despite that cows are cute and relatively intelligent animals.
I'd call Ann Coulter an ignorant cow, but that would be insulting to the cow; cows (and dogs) are too cute and too smart to be seen as horrible; she's a fly.
by Lorelili February 23, 2006
It's what people call your mom.
Friend: Whoa, I think there is a cow in your shower!
Boy: Naw, Its just my mom.
by Stephster July 25, 2005
mother-in-law or otherwise displeasing woman
her mom is a giant cow
by themainevent November 17, 2003
Big fat motherfucker who sits there and eats graass and moans all day long like what the fuckles?
by SAMANTHA1223 May 11, 2012
a fat pregnant woman
dude did you see that cow trying to breast feed that child
by aaron41096 October 13, 2010
to moo like bella
"I cowed the other day."
by cowabout69 January 12, 2010
Computer on wheels, used by floor nurses in hospitals and similar settings. The actual computer is actually a regular laptop using a docking station and external peripherals.
I like going on Urban Dictionary from a COW.
by NJROTC person November 29, 2009
1. Domesticated bovine animal.
2. Female of the human species.

The biggest c
The biggest compliment a woman can get:

You are a tasty cow... Hmmm

Your girlfriend is such a classy cow

Most of the times the word cow perfectly replace the word woman:

You drive like a cow (woman)
by tommaverick1234 October 27, 2008

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