1. An animal used for meat and for milk. Domesticated. Sadly, this animal has had a rather bloody history, and not even their babies are safe from being turned into food; the little ones become an evil food known as veal.

2. A term for a nasty, stupid, and/or promiscuous person (usually female), despite that cows are cute and relatively intelligent animals.
I'd call Ann Coulter an ignorant cow, but that would be insulting to the cow; cows (and dogs) are too cute and too smart to be seen as horrible; she's a fly.
by Lorelili February 23, 2006
A fat bitch who is ugly and looks like she is 50.
Lorenzo's fat cow of a girlfriend better not mess with me or she'll get punched in the ugly face.
by Cuteblondie September 17, 2013
An animal or a person whom eats a lot, or the person blocking your way in the supermaket with the super large booty
1:hey stop eating your such a COW!! if you keep eating you might just look like one
by OMGsosexy January 11, 2013
1. A cow is a weird fucking animal that we eat and has fucked up spots.
2. Someone so fat they can't move.
1. Let's eat a cow for dinner tonight!
2. You are such a fucking cow!
by KevinP March 06, 2012
Verb- the act of having sex with a woman doggy-style while grasping ones hands around the woman's nipples and yanking them up and down in the hope that they will produce milk.
Dude, I totally cowed your mom last night.
by lolwatdotcom February 16, 2011
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