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Another term for cowpoke or ranch hand. Someone who works to wrangle cattle.
In his youth, he worked as a cow punch on a ranch in Idaho.
#cow poke #cowboy #rancher #farmer #ranch hand
by alfacat April 23, 2010
An event created by Sir R.B the Great. Consists of going to the field in the summer and punching as many cows as you can in a minute.
Riley "Hey Doug, you going to Cow Punch brah?"

Doug "No doubt man"
#cow punch #funny #niggers #lol #rofl #cats
by Sir Reginald Stottlemeyer March 29, 2010
cow-punch hit hard enough to knock some one a distance (short or long)

2.the same meaning as Donkey Punch but vaginaly instead of analy

3.(cow-Puncher) an idiot or bitch wuss pansy
plural cow punched gonna cow punch you ho's donkey punch screw that i cow punch. freakin cow-Puncher
#punch #bitch slap #anal #donkey punch #knock out
by Dieforis January 04, 2006
Where you punch a cow so hard in the head that it has an instant abortion. This works on women too.
Guy 1: So my chick was knocked up.
Guy 2: What happened?
Guy 1: I cow punched the bitch son!
#cow #punch #abortion #funny #bloody #steak tar tar
by forumssuck May 09, 2008
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