what you call "milk"
This cow juice has too many globs of... what are the globs made of?
by friedchowder November 04, 2010
Top Definition
Cow's milk, simple as that.
Pass the cow juice, me cornflakes are bone dry!
by ollyb man July 21, 2006
The white liquid expressed from a cows udder called milk
Do you want some Cow Juice in your coffee ?
by Dav3y November 23, 2007
Cow Juice, also known as CJ, refers to the white liquid which is dispensed from cow's teats. It more commonly known as "milk".
Person one: we're all out of cow juice!
Person two: shit! what am i gonna have with my cereall?!
Person three: cow juice?
Person one: i call milk... COW JUICE.
by andIcall June 18, 2011
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