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Milk, either white or chocolate
I have a cow juice mustache.
by Miss Johnson March 05, 2008
7 6
Cow's milk, simple as that.
Pass the cow juice, me cornflakes are bone dry!
by ollyb man July 21, 2006
47 6
The white liquid expressed from a cows udder called milk
Do you want some Cow Juice in your coffee ?
by Dav3y November 23, 2007
17 7
what you call "milk"
This cow juice has too many globs of... what are the globs made of?
by friedchowder November 04, 2010
8 4
Cow Juice, also known as CJ, refers to the white liquid which is dispensed from cow's teats. It more commonly known as "milk".
Person one: we're all out of cow juice!
Person two: shit! what am i gonna have with my cereall?!
Person three: cow juice?
Person one: i call milk... COW JUICE.
by andIcall June 18, 2011
7 5