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A Couvré is a great black hairy bush that spans from belly button, down through the female genetally, around the back to the top of the ass.

The Couvré although a French term is most prevalent in women from the Southern hemisphere ... Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. It is also widely found in Middle Eastern women and women in the Outback in Australia. As well as Nuns.

Basically the couvré grows in like a fur diaper and covers the entire pelvic region. Unless kept clean (which is extremely tough to to do in summer months) the couvré can become extremely matted and funky smelling.

Couvré's have grown in cult status and have become quite popular in Welland, Ontario where the large predominately French male population ... raised on canal water and poutine love the greasy matted hair effect and smell emitting from their women.
Labby dated bitches from Niagara Falls to Dunnville but always goes back to those Rose City douche-bags and their big ole' hairy couvré's.
by Redhope July 03, 2006
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