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another way of saying mate
what's happening cousin?
by rock November 27, 2004
33 27
An anonymous sexual partner, in a social situation.
"Hey guys this is... uh.. my cousin!"
by atomicdonkey August 24, 2003
523 188
The anonymous, mysterious person who has done it, has it and seen it all.
Guy 1: "Yo, check out my new pimpin' Rolex"
Guy 2: "Doesn't matter, my cousin has one already."
by the donald March 30, 2006
388 119
Someone highly desirable
I just fucked my cousin!
by Liger Zero April 06, 2003
436 232
Your mum/dad's brother/sister's son/daughter.

The closest relative you can legally marry and fuck, if you're exceedingly screwed up in the head.
I hear rednecks often marry their cousins because they're big fans of inbreeding.
by Queeeeeeef July 08, 2004
363 217
1. A child of the brother or sister of a child's parents.
2. What neocons, members of European royal families, and rednecks call their spouses before getting married.
Well, when a family tree is reduced to a family bush, neocons, royal families, and rednecks are the result.
by MrClean March 04, 2005
264 122
On an episode of COPS;
The person to which a stolen car,
a bag of weed, or
a crackpipe, belongs to.
No, I didnt steal the car, its my cousin's, and thats his bag of weed and crackpipe too.
by doncoz August 31, 2004
319 177
homie, friend, associate, partner
me and my cousin went to her party.
by someone February 23, 2005
175 61