one's husband who is also one's cousin at the same time
My friend is gonna bring her cousband to the commencement ceremony.
by Moonlight_25 May 14, 2009
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A male who has married his cousin or more abstractly, a blood relation. A by-product of incest which is typically found in the Southern states, but not exclusively. Coming soon to a trailer park near you.
That hillrod is Betty Lou's COUSBAND, Earl.
by Mack57 June 14, 2006
Cousband (CUZ-band):

A "cousband" is one who is of relation to you (cousin) BUT wants to marry you (husband) and have your babies.

They do not care that this is incestuous, and you may be the only one in the family that they do not want to kill.

Never drive alone with this person, and avoid at all cost, especially if they attend the same university as you.
Cousband: "Do you need a ride home this weekend, cuz?"

You: "Ya, sure."

*One hour later, in car*

Cousband: "If we weren't related, I could see myself being with you."
by Trailer Swift March 12, 2013
The word used for the man in a marriage between two cousins.
After I married my first cousin the preacher said, "I now pronounce you cousband and wife."
by Ames_1 April 21, 2009
when your spouse in also your cousin. typically used in places like arkansas.
That's mary-beth's cousband jim-bob! They had a lovely wedding, too bad their mom/aunt couldn't make it!
by using of the rogaine June 12, 2011
(n) the spouse of a woman who has married her cousin
Billy bob: Can you believe that Betty sue got married?!
Tammy lyne: you're darn tootin! I'm going to the family reunion next weekend, I'm gonna find me a Cousband too!
by Ya Phil me?! July 27, 2012
A common title for the average male spouse native to the state of Arkansas. It also applies to the similar scenario in any of the other 49 states in which a woman marries her cousin.
Martha: "Hey, Susan! I haven't seen you in ages!"

Susan: "Martha! You look great! Who's this lucky fellow?"

Martha: *gesturing to Jerry* "This is my cousband! We met at the reunion a few years ago."

Susan: "Awwww, do you have any kids?"

Martha: "Oh yes! You should see them; a bunch of little mutants!" *smile*
by Shuajo April 19, 2011

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