A napkin or tissue one takes to their pornography to catch the excessive amounts of bodily fluids after jacking (or jilling) off
Damn, that dirty fool got his jizz all over my keyboard, fucker forgot to bring a courtesy napkin
by Blaster 2.5 April 20, 2005
Top Definition
Extra napkins left on the table at a fast food restaurant for the next napkin-lacking patrons to use.
A: You want these extras for your car?
B: Nah, leave 'em here for courtesy napkins.

I didn't know this burger would be this messy, thank God for these courtesy napkins.
by DangerDog11 April 18, 2010
That useless little scrap of paper wrapped around your ice cream cone/coffee cup/fish sandwich/etc. It's absolutely useless except possibly as toilet paper, but it shows you that the food people care.
I've got ice cream all over my hands now, thanks to that stupid courtesy napkin.
by littlebleu August 15, 2010
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