The alternative to artificial lubricant (eg. KY). Performed when foreplay is bypassed to get into the "good stuff" without causing undo friction.
Please take me to a grease monkey, cuz I like to get lubed up before I get FUCKED! Huh! Some lube would be nice... or at least a Courtesy Lick
by Bdamn May 08, 2011
Top Definition
Licking the opening to an orifice in order to provide lubrication to ease the pain of penetration. The licking is performed by the penetrating individual out of courtesy.
Can I at least get a courtesy lick before you fuck me?
by MaddyMatty April 30, 2011
When one finds oneself in a situation "south of the border" with a lady....and the "situation" is not a place you care to be. In other words, things are bad (ie. smell, presence of discharge, discolouration, etc.) - very bad. In such a case a "courtesy" lick is given to the area in question followed by a similar lick of the thumb and subsequent manual stimulation of the clitoris (w/ said thumb).
I started to go down on this chick and she was super hot." "However, the state of her genital region required the use of a courtesy lick.
by Lyle B. Berguson September 05, 2010
Sexual favor, licking of the Anus.
After James had finished blowing Craig, Craig felt compelled to show his gratitude by giving James a courtesy lick.
by bubblisious June 28, 2007
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