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Washing your hands in a public bathroom, only because someone else is in there too.
Even though I was in a hurry, I had to do a courtesy wash so that Johnson didn't think I was completely disgusting.
by Devan Kadwish April 28, 2010
1) After having sex, the woman gets a warm, wet washcloth and washes the males penis and balls.

2) After having a threesome, the male gets a warm, wet washcloth and washes his girlfriends and the third party's vagina.

This action typically leads to lots more great sex.
"That courtesy wash made me hard again... buckle up baby!"
by Child of the valley December 09, 2009
The common practice of men, where after using a public restroom, instead of actually washing their hands, they simply slightly dampen them under the sink and then dry them on the pants or a paper towel. Thus giving the illusion that they did in fact wash their hands.
She ragged on you about washing your hands? Why didn't you do a courtesy wash?
by Taliesinson July 10, 2008
When either party "freshens up" before the act of intercourse
Dude, I had a massive case of cock cheese so had to give myself a courtesy wash before I did that biatch
by kwamenace November 15, 2008
Same principal as rhe Courtesy Flush . Somebody would request a courtesy wash to another person who has not bathed for several days. If a person smells like death or some other sordid smell , request a courtesy wash.
Hey buddy, how about a courtesy wash? You smell like ass!
by cballznhoney July 10, 2008
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