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this is more of a category definition, as opposed to a word used in an actual sentence in everyday language...

"countrybonics" is when caucasian (white) americans that typically live southern states (that can be characterized by "country" culture - cowboy, rural, western, etc) use language that is more commonly used by african &/or other ethnic americans in larger urban (maybe even ghetto) areas.

the language becomes a mix of rural/country slang/lingo & urban slang/lingo - &/or it may be that their style of speaking is very urban (hand gestures, clothing style, etc), but the language itself is still very country/rural.
countrybonics: like when you compliment a seemingly typical white guy on his very large truck w/an extended cab & dual back tires (& maybe even a gun/rifle rack in the back window) and he replies, "thanks nigga, that's how i roll" - as he turns to spit some of his smokeless tobacco (dip) that he has behind his front bottom lip - as he then turns back towards you and flashes a west coast gang symbol to which he has no affiliation.
by rscott May 21, 2007
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