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Music that only Southern rednecks, Appalachian hillbillies, and a few farmers could love. The instruments, the lyrics, and especially the vocals are awful and ear-shattering.
If you love listening to god-awful, Southern, countrified droning, along with twanging guitars and occasional banjos, then this crappy music is 4 you. But if you're like me and everyone else, then I suggest you get away from it unless you desire to become one of those people or have your head explode.
So many damn rednecks are always getting riled up at these KUNT-tree concerts.....or they love to blare it on the radio while doing that retarded Muddin'
by Ryan August 13, 2004
76 102
The WORST music EVER, followed closely by rap and death metal.
Bob: Okay, guys, for our road trip, I brought CDs by Kenny Chesney, Ludacris, and Dismember!
Everyone with a Brain Who Doesn't Want their Ears to Hemmorage: *gets out of the car*

I hate country music.
by Captain Kickass September 10, 2006
60 89
Terrible, terrible music made for Southern rednecks and other idiots. This is probably the worst form of music on the planet, ranking up there with raggae and Southern Rock. My mom loves it for some reason, i dont know HOW she does though.
Anyways, lots of country music is the same as Southern Rock: they all discuss loyalty to the South, driving ugly-ass pickup trucks, picking up redneck girls, romance between a redneck girl, some Southern woman leaving her man, and other crap dealing with tractors and occasionaly, America, which they are making look bad.
I heard that one country song where the moron lists of the states in the South.....yet he didnt mention theory is correct, Kentucky isnt an actual part of the South!
by The Kentucky Yankee August 13, 2004
87 119
The gayest, most retarded, most inbred, most redneck, most fucked-up right-wing shit in the whole goddamn world. NOT REAL MUSIC! It has annoying, white-trash singers who can't pick up a beat, whiny lyrics, occasional yodeling, and the irritating twang. Real music is rap (old school variant only), heavy metal, dance/techno, and punk rock.
Jimbo: I may be born in Georgia and be a Conservacrat, but I prefer more liberal genres of music or even better sounding conservative genres over country music.

Good liberal genres: rap (old school) & punk rock
Good conservative genres: hard rock & heavy metal
Crappy conservative genre: COUNTRY ALL THE FUCKING WAY!

Let's shoot the radio whenever someone plays it.
by Jimbo666 August 03, 2006
110 145
Only the best music made on earth!
I listen to country music, therefore i must be cool.
by Blank name Blank December 12, 2005
109 159
Basically country music is rock on crack.
ewww, what the hell are you playing country music for?
by ilovecheese May 02, 2005
46 101
1)THE BEST MUSIC ON EARTH!! i dunno what the hell is up up with everyone thinkin that its all just a buncha stupid cowboys singin about pointless things! Its accually somthing that NORMAL people can relate to. Hell if it wasnt for country music, life would stop, cus this is the music that keeps the whole damn world goin!

2)I aint sayin gotta listen to it, but you sures hell had better not be plannin on walkin up to a country boy in yir gangster clothes and tellin him country music sucks, because you shurs hell aint gonna come outta that in one solid piece.
1) (world is spinning just fine) "Awoohoo aw play somthin..." (country music stops and world stops too)

2) Ganster: "Yo, your music sucks!"
Cowboy: "What the?" WHACK!
Ganster: "........"
Cowboy: Shrugs an walks away
by BarrelRunninCowgirl May 08, 2006
90 153